Delivering Win32 apps as virtual apps, Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) provides a real-time way to install virtual apps on centrally managed services. Through this tool, virtual apps can be launched from various access points, with the same accessibility as locally installed apps. Getting started with Microsoft Application Virtualization involves preparing your environment, understanding a few basic points and ensuring that environments are secure. In this guide, we share some tips on how to start.

Microsoft Application Virtualization Basics

The first step in getting started with Microsoft Application Virtualization is to prepare your environment. This means installing all required software for the server. Your account used to install components will need to have admin rights on the computer used for the installation, ports for component hosting, firewall rules for incoming requests, and the functionality to query Active Directory Domain Services. Other things to know include the following:

Identify the best deployment option. 

App-V has two deployment options, including stand-alone deployment (app components are all deployed on one server) and distributed deployment (app components are deployed on different servers). You cannot deploy multiple versions on the same server, however, or deploy server components on computers running server core. 

Prioritise security. 

If you put security top of mind, you will not have to worry about potential threats. With that said, the biggest risk is hackers being able to access client’s app functionality, which risks key data being reconfigured. A denial-of-service attack that causes a short loss of functionality is not as much of a danger. Computers need to be secured – physically and through security updates. Access control is vital and so is strong password protection. Computers cannot be left unsecured when administrators are not available. They need to be stored safely and any additional security measures that will further protect your computers should also be added.

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