Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Azure platform has unleashed new ways of thinking about your technology operations.


Microsoft Azure is a fully integrated cloud-based system. It provides a way to seamlessly manage, build, test, and deploy various apps and services through the Microsoft cloud. Services are run through Microsoft’s managed data centres.

All services and apps can be managed remotely and on-site. Moves to the cloud can be done seamlessly by integrating current environments. Thanks to constantly improving Microsoft technology, you will have the advantage of innovative tools that further help your business grow.

iSSC offers a selection of MS Azure solutions designed to meet your requirements.

Microsoft Azure Solutions

We offer the following Microsoft Azure solutions to our clients:

  • Lift and sift your current environment
  • Update environments already migrated to the cloud
  • Secure and safe data backups
  • Peace of mind through disaster and site recovery
  • Broad selection of tools and services
  • Comprehensive, proactive compliance

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