MS Azure offers a highly effective tool for app modernisation. Building and deploying apps on the cloud makes it easier to ensure agile apps that can be easily scaled and simplified. Azure has taken app creation to a new level, making it one of the most widely used tools by developers across the globe. To find out how MS Azure helps to modernise apps, keep reading.

App Modernisation With MS Azure

There are a few key ways that MS Azure ensures app modernisation. These include:

Fast-track app development with serverless computing. 

Functions is a serverless, event-driven platform within Azure that helps to deploy, operate, build, debug, integrate, and solve complex problems during the development process. With minimal setup along with the ability to trigger and bind, apps can be developed more quickly and more simply on the cloud.

Enhance end-to-end development.

Another key benefit of Functions is an end-to-end development that allows apps to be built and tested on the cloud on various operating systems, from Windows to Mac. Functions has numerous extensions that can be used on Visual Studio to make app development even quicker on local computers, seamlessly integrating within Azure. Code editors and Core Tools in Azure Functions can be used, while Azure Pipelines helps to ensure continuous integration and delivery and Azure Monitor delivers crucial insight into app performance.

Resolve complex deployment challenges.

Solving problems on serverless functions that are made to be short-term can be a challenge. Coding workflow definition removes this challenge and enables more resources. The Durable Functions extension helps to streamline challenges in event-driven apps, while Azure Logic Apps help to improve workflows. 

There is no doubt that Azure offers the ideal solution for cloud-based app development and deployment, with numerous benefits for your IT teams. Contact iSSC today to partner with a certified Gold Microsoft Partner with extensive experience in MS Azure and other cloud tools.