If you have been weighing up the decision to move to Microsoft Azure SQL from SQL Server, you may be wondering how they compare. Azure SQL is based on SQL Server, which means that they are similar in terms of compatibility and in functionality. With that said, there are a few major differences that need to be taken into account. The biggest difference between the two is that databases are the only item on the SQL Server database, while a single SQL Azure database can host many other databases, sharing resources with all who use the server. This can be a benefit, as it is widely available across on-site computers as well as private, public and third-party cloud environments. To find out more about Microsoft Azure SQL and SQL Server, we have put together a guide showing how each works.

Microsoft Azure SQL or SQL Server?

A few things to know about both Microsoft Azure SQL and SQL Server include the following:

Azure SQL

Azure SQL includes a group of SQL cloud databases that make it easier to migrate, develop and modernise apps. It is based on SQL Server, with additional features and flexibility that ensures a seamless experience and a range of deployment solutions. Azure SQL databases are scalable and designed specifically for the cloud. Real-time updates, AI functionality, automation, serverless computing, and advanced storage ensure that resources can be scaled as needed. This makes it easier and faster to build apps, without the challenge of resources management that typically comes from on-premise databases.

SQL Server

SQL Server is the original SQL, keeping only single databases on-site. LAN and Tabular Data Stream can be used to replace HTTP, TCP or IP in order to link apps to the server. As SQL Server is used to develop Azure SQL, there are some features that the latter does not have, such as data auditing, database snapshots, PolyBase, and others. On the other hand, SQL Server is far more challenging to implement and manage, making Azure SQL an easier option when it comes to getting started.

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