Microsoft Teams is an excellent tool for remote learning, making it essential for virtual classrooms. This app has become a powerful contender to other video conferencing apps such as Zoom, offering a far greater number of features along with easy integration within Microsoft apps. Even as schools begin to return, we predict that Microsoft Teams and virtual learning will continue to be used as both educators and learners reap the many benefits of cloud education.

Microsoft Teams for Virtual Classrooms

Microsoft Teams offers numerous benefits and tools that are designed to streamline and simplify virtual classrooms. The most useful benefits offered by this cloud-based tool include:

Video lessons & assignments. 

Teams has made it possible to continue lessons, with students attending from any device and any location. Video lessons offer many benefits, including the ability to record lessons and review at a later date. Educators also have a surprisingly high level of interaction with students and can create dedicated channels for assignments, while using features such as messaging, file sharing and voice calling where needed. Classrooms can be adapted according to the size, with smaller groups for projects, after-school activities or other purposes.

Access-controlled meetings. 

Private meetings can be held between educators and parents as well as individual departments, department heads, and various other groups. Teams makes it easier to host and plan secure meetings, with access controls that ensure that only those with authority to add, remove or edit shared information can do so, without the risk of sensitive information being shared. 

Real-time collaboration. 

A major advantage of cloud-based learning platforms such as MS Office is that files can be updated in real-time. Teams adds even more functionality by integrating OneDrive, messaging, video lessons, and Office. This means that documents can be sent and accessed during lessons, with editing and revisions done right away. Educators can also grade and comment on student assignments and projects quickly and easily. 

If your school is not yet taking advantage of cloud-based tools and virtual classrooms, now is the time to get started. Get in touch with iSSC to find out more about our gold standard Microsoft 365 solutions that include Microsoft Teams and many other tools.