Cloud-based project management tools offer a way to implement and run projects easily on the cloud. Traditional software tools are being replaced by cloud solutions that provide far more functionality. Unlike desktop software, cloud tools require very little effort or resources as they are not based on physical servers. Instead, cloud-based project management tools are based online, allowing accessibility to any project member with a reliable wireless connection. 


Cloud-Based Project Management Tool Benefits


Some of the biggest benefits offered by cloud-based project management tools include:


Remote work.


The entire workplace model has changed. Although COVID and its resulting lockdown have sped up the process, remote work was already gaining traction before the pandemic began. This is due to several reasons. The rise of co-working has grown, for starters. More businesses are outsourcing entire teams to save on resources, too. Cloud tools such as Microsoft 365 enable projects to be managed entirely online, from any device and any location. 


Real-time collaboration.


As any project manager knows, collaborating on projects can be a major headache. When multiple clients, departments and employees are involved in projects, keeping everything organised quickly becomes a challenge. On-site servers make it harder to update project files, resulting in endless versions, confusion and disorganisation. OneDrive and Microsoft Teams take this challenge away by offering real-time collaboration features and access control to be sure that all files can be updated in a transparent way that prevents oversights.


Secure data storage.


Data security is vital to any project and any company. Large projects can often involve sensitive information, such as budgets, contracts, terms and conditions, and other data that needs to be stored securely. Cyber threats and data breaches are on the rise and the need for secure data storage is more important than ever. Features such as encryption and permissions ensure that cloud storage is more secure than physical servers that can be prone to damage or unauthorised access. 


Microsoft 365 will take the stress out of managing projects, no matter how big or small. To help you find the best solutions for your needs, iSSC is a leader in cloud services. Contact us today to find out more about our cloud-based project management tools.