The way data is processed, stored and managed is evolving all the time and cloud computing has played a big role in this evolution. Big data is closely connected to the cloud, with both playing an integral part of data management as a whole. What is the relationship between cloud computing and big data and how does this help data management on a larger scale?


The Link Between Cloud Computing and Big Data


Big data applies to the huge amount of data processed by companies every moment that is collected from multiple sources – social media, apps, lead generation, and many others. Utilised properly, big data can greatly help businesses grow. In many cases, this data is not utilised or managed, however. This is where cloud computing comes into play. Some of the ways that cloud computing can simplify the usage of large volume data include the following:


Evolved data management.


Traditionally, data has always been stored and managed on physical servers. Many companies have massive data centres that require a great deal of cost, space, time and resources to maintain and manage. The cloud provides a way to manage large volumes of data remotely, allowing for far easier management. 


Flexibility and scalability. 


As companies grow, data levels grow as well. Updating physical serves can be extremely challenging, requiring equipment upgrades, additional space, power and other resources commonly used to run servers. Often, data management is limited by server capacity. The cloud allows data levels to grow in a way that is flexible and easier to scale. 


Security protocols.


Servers are not immune to data breaches and other major risks. Servers are at risk of physical damage caused by outdated UPS systems and even natural disasters. Access control can be a lot harder with physical servers. Cloud storage offers a way to secure data, using encryption and access control to create stricter security protocols. 


Thanks to AI and the constantly shifting digital landscape, we expect to see the relationship between the cloud and big data grow even more in years to come. To see how the cloud can help you better manage your data, get in touch with iSSC today. We are a highly experienced certified Gold Microsoft Partner specialising in Microsoft cloud computing solutions.