Microsoft cloud tools add plenty of value to ecommerce systems – especially larger online stores looking for a way to improve and manage systems more effectively. The cloud offers a way to virtualise inventory and other data, making it easier to manage products to avoid delays and problems caused by out of stock products. Cloud tools also help to better manage reduced price products, end of season products, and product categories. 

Using Cloud Tools with Ecommerce Systems

Cloud tools can be integrated with your ecommerce system, providing the following benefits:


Outdated inventory systems can be extremely hard to manage, let alone optimise. When data is stored on-site, there is a far greater risk of issues such as stock lists that have not been updated or lists that have been updated without informing relevant teams and managers. With cloud storage such as Microsoft OneDrive, data can be organised and optimised to make it far easier to manage through real-time updates. Microsoft Teams can also be effective, with features such as access-controlled channels, video conferencing, voice calls, chat, and many others.


In the highly competitive, ever growing ecommerce space, scalability is everything. When your store is unable to scale, it is unable to keep up with the demand for online shopping. Today, with lockdown in effect globally, a store running on outdated systems will seldom bring in new customers and will certainly see reduced customer retention. Agile, scalable cloud solutions will help you grow your store without falling behind your competition.


Microsoft is known for its high level of efficiency it brings within all areas of business operations. For IT teams, tools such as Azure allow for easier cloud-based app development that requires minimal resources and on-site servers. For marketing, Teams and OneDrive can greatly simplify campaign management. For sales, all Microsoft 365 tools add value, increasing customer service and response times. 

If you’re looking for a way to integrate your current ecommerce environment with cloud-based solutions, choosing the right partner is essential. iSSC is an accredited Gold Microsoft Partner with extensive experience in helping larger businesses and online stores migrate to the cloud. Contact our team today to find out how our flexible Microsoft cloud systems help your store.