Microsoft 365 Advanced Audit offers a powerful tool to help you find data and investigate potential threats. Both compliance and data security are a major concern for any company. Larger companies with multiple departments and employees are more susceptible to potential breaches and other threats. A comprehensive auditing tool such as Microsoft 365 Advanced Audit provides a simple, cost-efficient way to monitor, scope and investigate weaknesses in your data management systems. 

Advantages of Microsoft 365 Advanced Audit

Some of the biggest advantages that Microsoft 365 Advanced Audit offers include:

Simpler forensic investigations. 

Advanced Audit allows you to audit specific events, such as mail items that have been accessed, to identify any data that might have been compromised. Having access to these events is essential for forensic investigations. It is also vital for compliance investigations, monitoring when mail items have been accessed, replied to and forwarded, as well as searches done by users in SharePoint and Exchange Online. This helps to determine the scope of compromised data, allowing for simpler forensic investigations. 

Increased audit log retention. 

You will be able to support the length of investigations for up to a year with customised audit log retention. Exchange, Azure Active Directory and SharePoint audit records can be kept for a year. Longer-term investigations and ongoing internal compliance systems can have the option to keep audit logs for as long as a decade. 

Fast access to audit logs. 

Advanced Audit offers a tenant-level limit instead of a publisher-level limit. This allows companies to use allocated bandwidth quotes for auditing data access. Rather than a static limit, bandwidth quotes take into account factors such as company size to determine the ideal quote to suit each organisation. 

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