There is no doubt that MS Teams offers the ideal too for video conferencing. It is also extremely effective for voice calls, too. Cloud calling allows voice calls to be done from any device and any location. Microsoft Teams makes it even easier through a range of features, including in-app calling. In this article, we will share some of the biggest reasons that companies across the globe are making the transition to MS Teams voice calling. 

MS Teams Voice Calling Benefits

Top advantages of using MS Teams voice calling include the following:

1. Accurate call records are available at all times.

Mobile, landline and even other cloud-based voice calling apps do not always offer functionality such as call records. These are essential when making critical calls. Whether catching up with your remote workforce on project statuses or having calls with key stakeholders, accurate call records allow you to go through every call to prevent any lost information and confusion. This also helps to create a more transparent business environment in terms of communication.

2. Calls are made through apps and devices.

Teams voice calls can be done through Teams itself as well as through Outlook. Voice calls can be done on any mobile device, from any location. This removes any challenges traditional phone calls faced while also reducing costs, increasing productivity and ensuring optimal business continuity. Without the need for landlines or other devices, cloud calls can be done simply and effectively. 

3. Cloud calls are managed efficiently. 

A wide range of tools and features are provided, including status settings such as available, on a call or out of office; a phone system that enables PTSN calls; connection to contact centre software; call queues with hold music, custom greetings and shared voicemail; easy answering and routing of inbound calls; parameters to route calls by availability, language and time zone; and many other features that simplify cloud calling. 

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