Sage on Azure

What is  Sage on Azure?

It is the next iteration in minimalizing your IT landscape. It is the moving your IT expenditure to an Operational cost, that you can manage monthly, it is taking all of your accountabilities and moving it to the people that understand how to do it. Shifting liability, call it what you want, it is “making live easier”.

What are the benefits or running Sage on Azure?

There is a plethora of benefits.

  • Business continuity, yes that dreadful line item on every audit your company has to undergo.
  • More cost effective. One monthly cost. Not the complexed list of direct and indirect costs to hosting your own server and managing the licenses, employing a team to administer it etc.
  • World Wide Access, gone are the days that CFO’s FD’s etc cannot access the platform from where and how they want.
  • Security, lets face it, you will never be able to spend as much capital on firewalling as has been spent in the Azure Cloud.
  • Effortless support, it is but a phone call away, no one has to come to your office to help you.
  • Sage now becomes a “off the shelf” product. You buy a “Sage” done.
  • Access to the platform can me done in many ways. IPSEC, VPN, RDP, which ever way you feel most comfortable with.
  • Backup! Your Sage can never vanish, is not tied to 1 Data Centre and best of all, backups are seamless and can be reinstated in minutes!
  • Simplify your landscape, how many connection do you have to make to where you are hosting the sage server currently, how many configurations are in place, Sage on Azure requires only an Internet connection.
  • Performance on demand. Need more Power during month end? Easy, changes to the performance can be made with no down time required, need less performance during the 1st two weeks of the month? Simple.


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