Network Cabling

We can install networks using CAT5e up to 1Gb/s or Shielded CAT5 cable for areas where a lot of background or magnetic noise would otherwise interfere with network traffic signals. We have extensive experience when it comes to installing CAT6 or Shielded CAT6 networks as well, where the client wishes to future proof his organization and get it ready for 10Gb/s local throughput.

We specialize in new installations however, we are only too happy to fix existing installations and get them up to a standard that would be acceptable to even the biggest players in the industry. Our IT Network Support teams are here to assist you regardless of your request or current situation.

iSSC offers many Wi-Fi solutions for any business size, from centrally managed, large Wi-Fi networks through to small networks which span only a handful of rooms. A decent and reliable Wi-Fi network gives the client the ability to move around his or her office freely without the need to plug in cables and the flexibility to always be connected to the internet and other local resources.

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