Managed Services

We provide our clients with a complete portfolio of services for design, deployment, support and management of their technology solutions, helping our customers innovate with newer and better ways of interaction. Our availability of service, maintenance and support promise minimum downtime that maximizes throughput and productivity.

Service Level Agreements further ensure adherence to stringent processes, including proactive, predictive management that allows for anticipation and the opportunity to address service needs and challenges before they arise. Our service professionals offer advice and expertise from design and integration to support and management and beyond.

Our Services Management includes:


An outsourced managed services model that controls, monitors and manages all IT infrastructure, applications and business processes in order to optimize business needs with increased efficiency.

The principal benefits which organizations derive from this outsourced model are:

  • Reduced IT headcount required to support a given size of IT infrastructure leading to salary savings and/or increased resource availability for project and development work
  • More efficient utilization of valuable technology assets allowing upgrade or expansion costs to be avoided or deferred
  • Increased availability and performance of technology infrastructure and applications meaning that users can work more efficiently and business is not lost to competitors when applications are down
  • Optimization of IT service delivery leading to improved customer satisfaction and perception of IT as a business enabler rather than just a cost

Solutions Portfolio

  • Full outsource of IT solutions
  • ITaaS
  • Cloud solutions
  • Scalable expansion of services in line with customer business growth
  • Full hosted VOIP
  • Security
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