CIO as a Service

CIO as a service:

Is your organization unable to make strides in technology because your CIO or IT staff are focused on meeting day-to-day needs like keeping work stations running?

Has your CIO become a glorified “IT Guy” instead of a strategic visionary for your business? If so, iSSC can help. We work with you to understand where your business is headed and show you how to leverage technology to get you there. At times that means taking specific projects off your plate so you can turn your attention to growing your business; in other cases, we help you plan and implement long-term, game-changing improvements that will positively impact your bottom line.

  • CIO expertise on tap, on demand and on your side, without the price tag of a Full-time CIO
  • Significantly increased business efficiency & agility
  • Take on the role of managing technology use within your organisation, strategically, tactically and operationally. More efficient use of your staff’s time
  • 100% Vendor Independent: and a sounding board for any technology business decision
  • IT simplification and cost reduction – eliminate waste
  • Improve your organisational technology management capacity and rigour
  • Supported decision making process by all stakeholders
  • Reduced organisational risk
  • Staff professional and career development
  • Significantly lower TCO (total cost of ownership)
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